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I provide the services:
  • installing and configuring Kavunka software;
  • integration of search into your website;
  • support during the license period;
  • change and modernization of Kavunka for your goals and objectives.
Kavunka Features
  • Site search service
  • Creation of microsearch engines
  • Data Collecting

Search Within a Single Website

Navigation on your Internet resource should help visitors to get more information than they can get by simply surfing the website. For online stores, adequate search increases sales. A poorly tuned search hurts your business. Just imagine, a user wants to find a product on your site, enters its name and makes a mistake. Most search engines cannot cope with such requests, a potential buyer leaves your site in complete confidence that the product he needs is not there.

The Kavunka search engine easily handles this kind of queries. Searching on your site from Kavunka does not require a connection to your database, the integration is absolutely safe.

Microsearch Engine

The creation of small search engines that will specialize in finding information on specific sites becomes possible thanks to the Kavunka search engine. Using a high-performance server you can index millions of pages, thus creating a topical search engine.

Kavunka software is capable of recognizing the language of text on web pages (en, it, fr, pt, es, pl, uk, ru), its uniqueness and quality. When entering a search query, built-in algorithms prompt the user for keyword suggestions, correct typos, and understand morphology.

Web Scraping (Data Mining)

Collecting data online, including from competitors, can give your business an edge. Built-in crawlers are able to extract data from millions of web pages and provide them in a format convenient for you: JSON, CSV, XML —> SQL. Integration with the Firefox browser makes it possible to receive information from JavaScript sites. Support for Proxy, User Agents makes it possible to bypass any kind of protection, and the built-in assistant for creating regular expressions makes the process of web scraping easy and convenient.

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Examples of Using Kavunka

As a demonstration of Kavunka's search capabilities, I created the search engine, to which I add sites specializing in the sale of agro-products. The software runs on a Dell PowerEdge R320 server and can programmatically support up to 2,000 sites with 10,000 pages per site. This is not a software limit for Kavunka software, but due to the processing power of the server. Due to the ability to flexibly configure, the software can be scaled to absolutely any limits. It is worth noting that Kavunka can run on a VPS (1 Core 1GB RAM). With this hardware configuration, the software will support searching 10 websites with 1,000 pages, or one site with 10,000 pages.

Kavunka Admin Panel

To manage the search engine, a Web interface is used with access by login and password. Using the admin panel, you can control the scanning process, track results, create pending tasks, create templates for parsing and perform web scraping.



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