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This license agreement (hereinafter "the agreement") is a legal document concluded between individual or legal entity, hereinafter "User", and "Developer" regarding the above software product Kavunka (hereinafter "program" or "software"), which includes software recorded on appropriate media or on the website of the "Developer". By installing, copying or otherwise using the program, you hereby accept the terms of this agreement.


The program is protected by laws and international copyright agreements, as well as other laws and treaties governing copyright relations. The program is licensed, not sold.


This agreement gives you the following rights:
1.1. Using the program. You may use one copy of the software per license.
1.2. Online storage and use. Data storage, installation and launch of copies of programs from a public storage device (for example, a network server) are allowed. To do this, you must purchase a license. You can install up to 10 copies of the programs if the power of the electronic computing device allows you, but an additional license is required for each copy.


2.1. Cases in which the license will be suspended:

  • when trying to hack software
  • if the license is not active, that is the validity of the license was not extended

2.2. Since the software is currently undergoing a test period, there may be malfunctions.
2.3. The developer undertakes to compensate for the period when the software was inoperative by renewing the license.
2.4. The developer pledges to answer all questions related to the operation of the software.
2.5. The developer is not responsible for possible damage to the equipment due to the use of software.
2.6. The developer is not responsible for possible harm to scanned resource- sites due to unauthorized use of software.
2.7. The user assumes all risks associated with the installation and use of the software.


3.1. A User is given a free trial period of using the software for 14 days.
3.2. The cost of a license is $ 5 per month, $ 50 per 1 year, $ 80 per 2 year. The minimum purchase period for a license is 3 months.
3.3. The license does not start from the moment of purchase, but rather the moment of the first successful launch of the search server.
3.4. If within 14 days you understand that the software is not suitable for you, we will refund your money.
3.5. Upon purchase of a license, full technical support is provided, software installation is also possible in case of agreement by the parties.
3.6. Payment is made in any convienient way for a User, in case of technical possibility of the Developer.
3.7. If you do not intend to use the software for commercial purposes, you can renew the license for 180 days. To do this, you need to contact the support.

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